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Our products

Mild, soft and crumbly

Edale with cranberry
Edale with cranberry:
Mild, soft and crumbly, with a sweet fruity taste

White rind with a strong taste

Mild and creamy

Ain Karem
Ain Karem:
Creamy and coated in za'atar - a Middle Eastern herb-spice mix

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How we make our cheeses

Our cheeses are made by hand in Bristol, Somerset.

People have been making cheese in Somerset for hundreds of years. We make our cheese using traditional techniques - the big difference is we start with milk made from nuts, beans and pulses, so our cheese is dairy free.

First we make our own soya or nut milks from sustainable ingredients ......

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Our Story

Nutgrove Kitchen is an artisan dairy-free cheese producer founded by Jonathan Chenoweth and Nick Skelton. Our cheeses are made by hand in Bristol, Somerset according to recipes developed by Jonathan Chenoweth. The recipes closely follow traditional cheese-making methods, but are made only from sustainable plant-based ingredients, so they are suitable for people who are vegan or dairy-intolerant.

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News, Events and Blog

Friday, March 02, 2018 Super User News 2456


Despite the Red Weather Warning issued by the Met Office and 15 cm of snow across Bristol, Nutgrove Kitchen is pleased confirm that our vegan cheese deliveries to shops across Bristol are continuing. While cycle deliveries have had to stop due to safety concerns for our delivery staff, we are still doing deliveries to all of the shops stocking our cheeses by foot. The unusually cold weather should not stop anyone enjoying munching on some tasty vegan cheese together with a nice hot drink.

Sunday, January 07, 2018 Super User News 2464

Our cheeses are now available online at Farmdrop.com. Farmdrop is an online farmers’ market which delivers across Bristol, Bath and London.

We’ve chosen Farmdrop for online sales as they share our values. They’re an ethical, environmental grocer working to minimise waste in the food chain, and they love working with local producers like us.

How does Farmdrop work?

Friday, October 13, 2017 Jonathan Blog 1827

Recent research into animal feeds and animal grazing shows the impact farming animals has on our planet, and strengthens the case for meat and dairy-free diets. The WWF reported recently that crops used to feed animals puts an enormous strain on our natural resources. The biggest environmental impacts of diets rich in meat and dairy-products comes from growing the crops used to feed the animals. 



Friday, June 16, 2017 Jonathan Recipes 3050

These vegan canapés are so easy to make and are sure to impress guests at any party. Videos of how to make them are shown on our Facebook page and a picture of them on our Instagrampage:

Vegan cheese & chutney parcels:

1 packet of vegan filo pastry (about 150g)

125g Edale vegan cheese

2 spoons of mango chutney

1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil

Mix the vegan cheese and mango chutney until smooth. Cut an unrolled packet of filo

Saturday, May 27, 2017 Jonathan Recipes 3034

Here is a recipe for an amazing tasting vegan strawberry cheese cake. Its a baked New York style cheese cake that no one will believe is NOT made from dairy cheese. A video of how to make is show on our Facebook page and a picture on our Instagrampage:


100g rolled oats

100g plain flour

100g melted coconut oil, melted - use refined coconut oil unless you want your cheese cake to taste of coconuts

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