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Where can I buy Nutgrove Kitchen’s cheeses?

As an artisan producer we currently sell at markets, festivals and local delis. See our page Where to buy our products page for further details.

Are your cheeses vegan?

Yes, of course. They are made from nuts, beans and pulses, and even the traditional cheese-making cultures we use are vegan.

Are your cheeses organic?

Our cheeses are GMO-free, and we use organic ingredients wherever possible, but they are not certified as organic. The ingredient lists on our products show which ingredients have organic status.

Are your cheeses suitable for people who are dairy-intolerant?

Yes - our cheeses are dairy-free and do not contain lactose, and so are suitable for people who can't eat dairy cheeses.

Are you looking for new independent retailers to stock your cheeses?

Yes, absolutely. If you are an independent retailer who would like to stock our cheeses please get in contact.

Do Nutgrove Kitchen’s cheeses melt?

No. Like halloumi, ricotta, and paneer Nutgrove Kitchen’s cheeses do not melt. Most dairy cheeses are made from a protein call casein that is found in cows' milk. Casein is unique as a protein in its ability to melt when heated - the vegetable proteins used in our cheeses do not melt when heated. Many other 'vegan cheese alternatives' on the market that do melt are not made from curds and whey like our cheeses. These cheese alternatives sometimes look like cheese but have little in common with traditional cheeses, they are just starches, fats and gels mixed together. We think our cheeses taste better too!

Can you answer another question not listed on the FAQs page?

Of course, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at jonathan@nutgrovekitchen.co.uk or post on Nutgrove Kitchen's Facebook page.