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Purpose and values

Our recipes and techniques were developed in the kitchen at home, where we experimented over a couple of years to perfect our dairy-free cheese. This sometimes involved months of maturation to see if a new recipe would pass our taste test. We found the best way to create the tastiest cheeses was to start with sustainable, wholesome ingredients and then use carefully adapted traditional cheese-making methods. First we make our milks, from either nuts, beans or pulses. We add a culture to ferment the milk, then cut the curds and separate the whey. Then we press the curds and mature the cheese. The result is a completely vegan alternative to dairy cheese, which is just as tasty, and deserves a place on anyones cheeseboard in its own right.

We are possibly the only company in the UK making plant-based vegan cheeses with traditional cheese-making methods. Most other non-dairy cheese alternatives are made from starches, pastes and gums, with stabilisers and additives. Our cheeses are made from sustainable, wholesome ingredients, and then fermented and pressed just like dairy cheeses.

Sustainability is important at Nutgrove Kitchen. Plant-based diets generally have a lower environmental impact than diets rich in meat and dairy. We believe that helping people reduce their environmental impact is critical to the future health of our planet. Our products are made from sustainable, wholesome plant-based ingredients. We try to use organic ingredients wherever possible.