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When I visited Shoreditch’s Boxpark a few weeks ago I was exciting by one of its vegan restaurants – Cook Daily. They had a varied menu of popular dishes from around the world adapted to be vegan, including one of my favourites – Pad Thai – which I grew to love when backpacking around Thailand some years ago before I went vegan. The atmosphere in the shipping container restaurant is great – t-shirts and graffiti on the walls, and communal tables. It was great to see a really positive write up of the restaurant recently in the Guardian  who note that the restaurant is doing well as it is so popular with a varied crowd of people.  As the Guardian writes “it’s the unofficial headquarters for a new tribe of proud vegan”.

With Wapping Wharf, Bristol’s own shipping container development, proving so popular, and now including Root, the ‘restaurant that gives vegetables star billing’, wouldn’t it be great if Wapping Wharf had an entirely vegan restaurant? It would complement well some of south Bristol’s other great vegan venues like Earth Cake and Vegan X.