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Despite the Red Weather Warning issued by the Met Office and 15 cm of snow across Bristol, Nutgrove Kitchen is pleased confirm that our vegan cheese deliveries to shops across Bristol are continuing. While cycle deliveries have had to stop due to safety concerns for our delivery staff, we are still doing deliveries to all of the shops stocking our cheeses by foot. The unusually cold weather should not stop anyone enjoying munching on some tasty vegan cheese together with a nice hot drink.

Our cheeses are now available online at Farmdrop.com. Farmdrop is an online farmers’ market which delivers across Bristol, Bath and London.

We’ve chosen Farmdrop for online sales as they share our values. They’re an ethical, environmental grocer working to minimise waste in the food chain, and they love working with local producers like us.

How does Farmdrop work?

  1. You place an order online via farmdrop.com and choose your delivery slot.
  2. We deliver your order by bike to Farmdrop’s distribution hub the same day.
  3. Farmdrop deliver to you the next day by their electric van.

What does it cost? (and how do I get a discount? :-))

For a small order, e.g. one or two of our cheeses, there’s a delivery charge of £4. Delivery is free for orders over £30. Even better, if you sign up with code ‘NUTGROVE’ you can get £20 off your first order. There’s a great range of fruit, veg and many other products, including dairy-free yoghurts and dairy-free milks – so you could check out the whole range and try some other local producers. 

Can I still buy in person in Bristol?

Yes, of course. Our cheeses are also still available in local delis across Bristol - we’re now stocked at locations in Southville, Easton, Redfield, Cotham and Totterdown.

Can you deliver to the rest of the UK?

We’d love to do online sales for the rest of the UK, but sending chilled products by courier and getting them to you in top condition is difficult. We’ll only do so if we can find a good way to do the delivery. In the meantime, if you’re elsewhere and would like a particularly large order for a special occasion, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do...

We’re delighted to announce that Southville Deli in Bristol is now stocking our delicious dairy-free cheese!

 From Saturday this week (30th September) you will be able to buy our cheeses in Southville Deli’s stores in North Street, Southville, BS3 1JA, and Church Road, Redfield, BS5 9HT. To start with they will be stocking our Edale and Edale with Cranberry cheeses. We make these from our own almond milk, add cultures, and then press the curds. We use traditional cheese-making techniques, but the result is dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

We are having an in-store launch in the North Street store of Southville Deli on Saturday 30th September – come along to try some diary-free cheese or buy some. We’d love to see you.