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These vegan canapés are so easy to make and are sure to impress guests at any party. Videos of how to make them are shown on our Facebook page and a picture of them on our Instagram page:

Vegan cheese & chutney parcels:

1 packet of vegan filo pastry (about 150g)

125g Edale vegan cheese

2 spoons of mango chutney

1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil

Mix the vegan cheese and mango chutney until smooth. Cut an unrolled packet of filo pastry into quarters. Paint a quarter sheet of filo pastry with coconut oil, place another sheet on top offset at 45 degrees to create a star shape, paint with coconut oil and then place a third sheet onto again offset. Spoon a small amount of the cheese-chutney mix in to the centre of the painted filo sheets. Fold closed to form a small parcel. Paint the outside with coconut oil. Repeat assembly process until the cheese-chutney mix is finished. Arrange parcels evenly on a tray and bake for ten minutes at

Here is a recipe for an amazing tasting vegan strawberry cheese cake. Its a baked New York style cheese cake that no one will believe is NOT made from dairy cheese. A video of how to make is show on our Facebook page and a picture on our Instagram page:


100g rolled oats

100g plain flour

100g melted coconut oil, melted - use refined coconut oil unless you want your cheese cake to taste of coconuts